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3 Way Smart Dimmer Switch, TESSAN WiFi Light Switch Work with Alexa and Google Home

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  • Input power: 100-120V AC 60Hz;
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz;
  • Communication: 2.4G WiFi ONLY. NOT for 5G;
  • Neutral wire required;
  • App Supported: Smart life APP.
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Works with Alexa/Google Home
  • Smart Timer Schedule
  • 3-Way or Single-pole
  • 1%-100% Dimming Range

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  • 3-Way or Single-Pole Application

    The 3 way smart dimmer switch can be as 3-way or single-pole switch; You only need to install 1 in a 3 way circuit unlike other smart switches; You can install on the power->switch side (or the switch->light fixture side); The Clicker is very responsive with good tactile feel; Notice: Neutral wire is required; Support dimmable triac LEDs and dimmable CFLs max 250W, incandescent bulbs max 430W; Not support 4 way circuit

  • Remote Control and Dimmable Range

    Used this smart 3 way dimmer switch to integrate wifi network to your living room lights; With notification settings, never worry about whether the lights turned off or not when you are outside; The wifi dimmer 3 way can be used for dimmable lights, it gives you a range from 0% to 100% brightness to enjoy the appropriate ambience on different occasions; Support 2.4Ghz WiFi only, dual-band (2.4G and 5G) WiFi need to set a separate 2.4G channel

  • Timer and Schedule Program

    Automate your home lights based on daily routines; With the Wi-Fi light timer switch, TESSAN switch will turn on /off according to the time you had set up, along with the brightness you want. Just make your phone connects to the Internet to ensure that your phone synchronizes the time of sunrise and sunset.; Saving energy and electricity bill when the lights are not needed or you are left on urgently

  • Hands-free Voice Control

    The three way dimmer can work with Alexa and Google Home; No matter what you are busy on, taking care of your baby, cooking, or just coming home, you can simply give a voice command to control the 3-way smart dimmer for led lights; Enjoy the great convenience of hands-free life style

  • The second-generation three-way dimmer switch

    We have updated the internal configuration of the switch to make the compatibility with the bulb more stable; In addition, in the past, only the switch on the power supply side could be replaced. Now both the power supply input terminal and the light bulb output terminal can replace our switches. It is more convenient and faster, reducing the trouble in installation.

Remote Control


Remote Control

With the Smart Life APP, you can use your phone at home or anywhere to turn on and off your lights. It's great to be able to turn 3 way smart dimmer switch on or off when you are outside.

Hands -free Voice Control


Hands -free Voice Control

The 3way wifi dimmer switch can be compatiable with Alexa and Google assistant. Simply make a voice commands to turn on/off the lights, which makes your life easier.

Timer Schedule Program


Timer Schedule Program

With timer settings, you can schedule led lights on and off in you house from light timer switch. when you leave the house and the 3way switch will be off as you needed.

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    Q1: Should this switch be placed at the (load) end closest to the light fixture or on the (line) end receiving power from the service panel?
    • -> A: This switch should be placed at the (load) end closest to the light fixture.
  • ..
    Q2: Can this be used to replace the switch connected to the line?
    • -> A: It must have accessed the load (wire to the light) though so it needs to be located on that side. Power is connected to the switch and one of the travelers so it doesn’t matter which side power is on.
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    Q3: Why are my lights flickering when the dimmer is set to 100%?
    • -> A: Please make sure your LED bulb is dimmable type. Support dimmable Triac LEDs and dimmable CFLs max 250W, incandescent bulbs max 430W.
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    Q4: Can this switch be used with a 3way on/off smart switch at the other end to make both sides to be smart?
    • -> A: TESSAN 3-way smart dimmer only can be connected with a traditional 3-way switch or can be used as a single-pole switch.
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    Q5:Why the switch can't connect to wifi?
    • -> A: Kindly please check and follow the steps:
    • 1> Make sure your WiFi router on 2.4G Channel, no access limitation (like Static IP or Mac Address Bonding), set a different name for the two channels when the router is on 2.4G and 5G mixed mode, as "wifi 2.4g" and "wifi 5g".
    • 2> Make sure your phone is on the 2.4ghz channel When syncing with the switch.
    • 3> Use the AP mode will improve your success rate for the wifi connection.
    • 4> Please check the number of devices connected to the wifi router, When the number exceeds the performance of the router, the wifi connection would be unstable or failed. so you need to pause or turn off some devices, For some old routers, keep the number of devices connected to the router less than 10 at the same time, it will improve your success rate for the wifi connection.
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