The Best Travel Plug Adapter from Tessan [2019 Updated]

September 03, 2019 6 min read

The Best Travel Plug Adapter from Tessan [2019 Updated]

In today’s era, you need a travel adapter as much as you need your clothes or shoes when traveling. The information age demands that you stay connected throughout which means – being able to charge your devices and gadgets everywhere you go. However, standard chargers and adapters don’t work abroad given the differences in power outlets/sockets, voltage and current differences from one country to another.

That’s where travel adapters come in! They allow you to use any type of socket and charger/power a variety of devices, gadgets or appliances you travel with. Here’s everything you should know about travel plug adapters.

1. Tessan Travel Adapters Comparison Chart

Pic Specification Dimension USB Available Plug Type Product Details
1 US Outlet 2 USB Ports 2.1*2.9*2.7 in Yes Simple Plug (Type A~N Available) Product Details
3 US Outlet 2 USB Ports 1.9 x 1.9 x 3.8 in Yes Simple Plug (Type A~N Available) Product Details
1 US Outlet 2.0 x 2.0 x 2.7 in No Simple Plug (Type A~N Available) Product Details

2. Why Do You Need a Travel Adapter?

2.1 Differences in socket plugs

As discussed above, power outlets differ from one country to another. The plugs of most electronics and gadgets from Europe won’t fit into the power outlets of foreign countries like the US if you don’t use an adapter. Different countries use different socket plugs.

2.2 To allow multiple uses

A travel adapter also allows you to power or charge multiple devices, gadgets, and appliances from one socket. You can power/charge your laptop, Smartphone, tablet, shaver, hair drier, etc. simultaneously from one socket.

3. Do You Need a Converter or a Travel Adapter?

Besides finding a different socket or power outlet from the one you use in your home country, you may also find differences in voltage from one country to another. To power your devices, gadgets, or appliances while abroad, you may be required to step-up converter(increase) or step-down converter(decrease) voltage. This is where converters come in handy.

If you are going to a country that uses a different electric potential(different volts) from your home country, you need a converter. If the voltage is lower than in your home country, you'll need a step-up converter. If the voltage is higher, you'll need a step-down converter. 

If the country you are visiting only has different sockets but the same voltage and current, you need a travel adapter only, otherwise, a converter will come in handy. The US uses 110v to 120v in electrical systems while other countries use 200v to 240v.

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Different Voltage & Plug in Different Countries

4. Tips You Need to Consider When Selecting a Travel Adapter

4.1 The travel adapter must be safe and certified

Safety should be among the first considerations when selecting any adapter, let alone a travel adapter. Since all adapter manufacturers purport to manufacture safe adapters, which is obviously not the case, you shouldn’t rely solely on what a manufacturer says about their adapters. Instead, consider certification.

FCC certification is popular for all safe and high-quality adapters made and sold in the US and other jurisdictions globally. FCC certification certifies that electronic interference is within limits approved by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). The travel adapter you buy should have an FCC label, a label recognized worldwide and associated with high quality and safe electronic products in and outside the US.

4.2 What kind of travel adapter do you want? Universal plug adapter or Simple plug adapter?

Safety and certification aside, you should also consider your needs since they dictate the type of travel adapter that will work for you. the Universal Plug Adapter can be used in more countries and regions, but the complex structure brings poor reliability, more bigger size and more expensive prices. to the opposite, the Simple Plug Adapter can be used in specific countries and regions, but the simple structure leads to higher reliability, cheaper price and smaller size. it can fit in a luggage bag that is seemingly packed to capacity. It can also fit in your pocket perfectly.

While universal plug adapters may have some additional features, they come at a cost and aren’t absolutely necessary. Simple plug adapters handle the most important basics of plug adapters i.e. making sure you can charge/power your device in a country with a different power outlet/socket type.

4.3 Size

Size is a critical consideration when choosing a travel plug adapter for obvious reasons. When traveling, you need an adapter that won’t take up a lot of space. Furthermore, the adapter shouldn't be awkwardly shaped, making it difficult to fit perfectly in a typical travel bag. The adapter also needs to be lightweight; otherwise it will add to already stringent weight limits that must be observed by travelers.

4.4 USB options

Last, but not least, you need a travel plug with USB capabilities. Nearly every device and gadget today can be powered or charged via a USB port. Having multiple USB ports on a travel plug adapter is a necessity today as opposed to a luxury.

5. How to Choose a Correct Plug Adapter?

Since there are 13 kinds of plug adapters from type A to type N, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the plug type of the country you are visiting beforehand to see if it is different from your home country. Luckily, there is a table that lists the plug types and voltage information in all countries globally. You just need to find your destination to choose the correct plug adapter and converter if you need one. Alternatively, you can choose a universal plug adapter.

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How to Choose a Correct Plug Adapter?

6. The Review of Tessan Travel Plug Adapter

Tessan is a renowned global brand for highly ranked travel adapters among other popular digital accessories like power strips. Since 2015, Tessan products have been known to be high-quality, functional, and fashionable. Below are the best-of-the-best travel plug adapters Tessan has to offer.

6.1 Tessan 3 Outlets 2 USB travel plug adapter

This multi-plug outlet extender is cube-shaped, sizable/small - doesn’t block other plugs in tight spaces. It can accommodate three bulky plugs and has two USB ports offering fast speed charging fit for all devices and gadgets including iPhones, iPads and Android devices. The adapter has impressive features like No surge protection and No cords making it perfect for cruise ship travel. The adapter’s small, compact and lightweight design makes it fit perfectly into any briefcase or luggage. What’s more – the adapter doesn’t have a cord. It has also been made for all kinds of indoor applications. The plug adapter can be used anywhere with a socket. It is available in black and gray colors as well as in type B, C, E/F, G and I plug types.


6.2 Tessan 1 Outlet 2 USB power plug adapter for travel

This travel plug adapter has one AC outlet and two USB ports. It’s a must-have European travel plug adapter that converts European power outlets into US power outlets. The type C plug adapter is lightweight, mini size and compatible with a variety of European countries. The adapter accepts 2 and 3 prong flat pin standard N American flat pin plugs. It is also certified as safe (FCC and CE certified). It is suitable for charging a variety of devices and gadgets, especially those that can be charged/powered via USB. The adapter is available in black as well as type A to N plug types (except B plug type).


6.3 Tessan Universal Plug Adapter

If you are searching for a universal travel plug adapter that will work with any socket anywhere in the world, look no further. This adapter kit comes with one USB port, and type E, F, G, L, I, J plugs perfect for worldwide travel (will work in 200+ countries). Besides working globally, this adapter is ultra-small (measures 1.8 by 1.8 by 4.7 inches only) and weighs 6 ounces only. The maximum load is 10A (2500 Watt). Input voltage 100 to 250V. The adapter also stands out for its high-quality metal interfaces, CE approved, and FCC compliance.


6.4 Tessan 1 Outlet Travel Adapter without USB Ports

If you just want a simple travel plug adapter that will work in Europe, look no further. This type C gray adapter accepts the 2 and 3 Standard N American prong flat pin plugs. The adapter has a space-saving min-size design capable in fitting in the anywhere including your pocket. The adapter is perfect for travelers and businessmen keen on traveling “light”. It is made of high-quality internal metal interfaces offering perfect conductivity and certified by CE (guaranteed safety). The adapter also comes with the standard 18-month Tessan warranty.


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