The Best USB Power Strip Guide From Tessan [2019 Updated]

September 01, 2019 5 min read

The Best USB Power Strip Guide From Tessan [2019 Updated]

The Best USB Power Strip Guide by Tessan [2019 Updated]

Tessan prides itself in offering simple life and travel solutions that are functional and fashionable. In just four years (Since 2015), the brand has become very popular in North America, Europe, and Asia for offering a variety of highly ranked power strips, travel adapters, smart home devices as well as digital accessories. The guide below will help you see why Tessan USB power strips are the best for you, but first things first.

Why do you need a power strip with USB charger?

Most, if not all devices and electronics today come with USB ports. A power strip with USB charging capabilities is, therefore, an added advantage today. What's more – a power strip with USB charging capabilities eliminates the need for an adapter. This brings forth other benefits such as saving space and having an organized working space.

Tips for selecting a USB power strip

Since there are many USB power strips out there in the market today, it can be a daunting task selecting the best from the rest. Here are the 5 most important considerations.

1. Consider safety and certification

The USB power strip you decide to buy must be certified by recognized bodies like the FCC and ETL. The power strip should also have safety features like circuit breakers to prevent short circuits, overloads, and voltage fluctuations from damaging your devices and electronics.

2. Consider the types of power strips

Once you are sure you have a selection of safe and certified USB power strips, the second consideration is type. There are many types of power strips based on factors such as application, features, location of use, or placement. The main types include; wall chargers, travel power strips, multi-power strips, surge protector power strips, and outdoor power strips.

Wall chargers, as the name suggests are ideal for users who want to mount their power strips on the wall to increase wall outlet capacity and create a charging station. 

Travel power strips are designed for users on the move. The power strips have been designed for use in cruise ships, airports, hotel rooms, among other places/areas frequented by travelers.

Multi Power Strips are designed for users who would want to increase the number of power outlets to charger or power multiple devices at the same time. 

Surge protector power strips are specifically meant to detect voltage surges and cut off power to avoid damaging electronics, devices, and appliances while offering other capabilities such as multi charging and USB charging capabilities.

Outdoor power strips have been specifically designed for the outdoors. They feature waterproof designs, protective socket coverings, and tough/durable designs to offer protection from all major outdoor elements. An outdoor power strip can be ideal for use in an outdoor garden or patio to light pumps, sprinkler systems, landscape lights, and outdoor plug-in appliances.

3. Consider the number of outlets you need

Your reasons for wanting to buy a power strip should help you identify the type of power strip that will be perfect for you. You’ll then need to consider the number of outlets you need. The same type of USB power strip can have different number of outlets. You should be guided by the number of devices you have. For instance, if you are buying a multi power strip for your office, you should consider one that can power all your gadgets and devices i.e., iPad, Smartphone, computer, printer and any other device all at the same time.

4. Consider the power rating

Power rating can be defined as the maximum power allowed to flow through. This consideration is important since it ensures the power strip you choose is capable of handling your intended load. Ideally, the power strip you choose should have an ideal max. Power rating and voltage compatibility to avoid overloads, surges, and voltage fluctuations known to damage electronics.

5. Consider warranty and customer service

Lengthy warranties are usually a testament of quality. You should be able to buy and use a USB power strip risk-free for a significant period of time and return it in case of any problems without being charged. The best USB power strip manufacturers have money-back guarantees and warranties that ensure you get a replacement or full refund in case your power strip malfunctions or doesn't work as expected.

You should also buy from a manufacturer that offers excellent support. In case of warranty or money-back related issues, you should get a replacement or refund without hassles. Support staff should be reachable easily via all popular channels, and the entire process should be straightforward, fast, and easy.

Why should you consider buying Tessan USB power strips?

Tessan USB power strips meet all the above requirements. First and foremost, the power strips and safe and certified. Tessan also offers one of the best USB power strip varieties that covers all consumer needs today. Whether you are looking for a travel, home or office solution, Tessan has a product for you with adequate USB ports plus regular power outlets that are perfectly spaced. Tessan has also invested in customer support and offers product guarantees and warranties that meet the industry standard. Most importantly, Tessan USB power strips are mandatory accessories today given most sockets lack enough wall outlets to charge all devices of the typical consumer today safely, neatly and all at once.

Tessan power strips

1. Wall chargers

Tessan has two wall outlet extender models perfect as cruise accessories i.e., a 2-outlet, 2 USB and 3-outlet, 2 USB wall outlet extenders. These models have notable features like; non-surge protection and ship approved. Other notable features include; fast USB charging, fireproof design, led night light for night-time application and FCC and RoHS certification. The wall chargers are ideal for charging/powering tablets, Smartphones, gaming devices, hairdryers, among other critical electronics/devices you while traveling.

2. Small power strips

Tessan also has small power strips specifically designed for users keen on saving space without compromising functionality. They include 5 different small power strips with unique designs and shapes i.e., round and cube-shaped small power strips meant to save space, fit in luggage, and access hard-to-reach areas.

3. Multipower strips

Tessan has three multi power strip models namely; one with 6-AC outlet and 3-USB ports, another with 8-AC outlets and 3-USB ports and the last one with 4-AC outlets and 4-USB ports to meet varying outlet and USB port needs. The power strips also have other notable features like longer power cords, ideal power rating, and well-spaced outlets/ports.

4. Surge protector strip

Tessan has a surge protector strip that supports wide voltage and offers surge protection making it ideal for all kinds of devices and electronics including the sensitive ones. The surge protector strip can be used to power portable devices and demanding appliances like rice cookers. Maximum power rating is 1250W and features a ceramic SPD to cut off power automatically in case of a surge.

5. Outdoor power strip

Tessan has an outdoor Wi-Fi smart plug featuring 3 sockets capable of powering smart devices via the Smart Life App (wireless control) using your voice. The power strip works with smart devices like Google Assistant and Amazon Echo Alexa outdoors. It has a built-in timer as well as a countdown function for scheduling appliances. The Tessan outdoor power strip is also waterproof and designed to work anywhere outdoors with both indoor and outdoor appliances and devices.

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