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TESSAN 4 Widely Spaced Outlet 3 USB Power Strip

  • Extra Long Cord with Right-Angled Flat Plug: 9.8 feet long extension cord (18 AWG) provides extra cord length and gives you the flexibility to reach distant outlets; The low-profile right-angled power outlet creates room for other plugs to share the outlet and the space-saving design of the flat extension cord allows it to fit in tight spaces such as behind furniture
  • Desk Power Bar With USB: 3 prong extension cord with 4 AC outlets and 3 USB ports quadruple a regular wall outlet for multiple devices without a variety of converters; This USB power cord could charge your cellphone, laptop, or tablet saving space and organizing desktop; 3 USB ports intelligently recognize the device to boost charging speed up to 5V/2.4A maximum charging current in one port, total output of 3A/15W
  • Widely-Spaced Outlets and Wall Mountable: 4 widely-spaced power extension cords to fit large plugs without blocking adjacent sockets, suitable for oversized transformer plugs; The two mounting holes at the back allow this USB extension cord to be securely installed in various applications such as workbenches, wall mount, floor mount, under counters, save desktop space for you
  • Built-In Protection: Flat plug extension cord indoor safeguards your expensive electronic devices from overload, short circuit, and voltage fluctuations; The reliable overload On/Off switch will trip off automatically to protect your devices and your home when the power overload; This white extension cord does not include surge protector which is cruise ship essential
  • Super Compact and Stable: This small extension cord with switch fits well in luggage and allows you to charge all your devices on your trip; The rubber bottom keeps it on your desktop or nightstand firmly without slipping off; There is a little weight added to the base to keep it steady when plugging and unplugging; 18-month friendly and reliable quality issue support and 24/7 fulltime customer service also included

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Why TESSAN USB Power Bar?

Are you looking for a fastest way to charge all your devices? Are your wall outlets interrupted by large plugs?

Our stylish small and compact power bar with 4 AC and 3 USB ports is the ideal choice for you!

This MUST HAVE white desk accessory will quadruple your available outlets, absolute space-saving and make your workplace, home or dorm room more organized. The multiple sockets allow you to charge various devices at once, such as your mobile devices, laptops, headphones, tablets, camera and many other devices that need charging.

9.8 FT Long Cord with Flat Plug

Not only that, but we also upgraded the cord length to 9.8 feet.

9.8 feet power cord (18 AWG) provides extra cord length and gives you the flexibility to reach distant outlets. The low-profile right-angled plug creates room for other plugs to share the outlet and the space-saving design of the flat plug allows this power strip to easily fit in tight spaces such as behind furniture.

USB Charging Hub

The 3 USB charging ports provide a total of 3 Amps of power. The built-in device detector ensures the fastest possible charging speed for the plugged-in devices. Electric current is distributed automatically according to the remaining power of the appliances.


The 15W USB plugs is NOT Fast Qualcomm QC3.0, it can meet most USB devices charging needs without an extra power adapter.

For your own safety, please ensure that the load power DO NOT exceed the rated power of 1250W.

Perfect For Use Anywhere

Our compact power bar with USB includes 4 outlets and 3 USB ports allowing you to charge 7 devices at the same time! The square and thin design would minimize the space occupied at home / workplace / in your luggage.

Non-Surge Protection Power Bar – Friendly for Cruise Ship

Usually, there’s only one electric outlet in each cabin. So, this 7-in-1 TESSAN power strip is the solution for you. However, before going on a Cruise Trip, you have to be aware of the requirements of different cruise lines. Power bars and extension cords without surge protectors are allowed on Carnival but prohibited on Royal Caribbean cruise ship, so please check these requirements before you place an order.

Wall Mountable

Effortlessly mount this USB power outlet on the wall / desk / nightstand / under the counter by 2 slots at the back following our instructions step by step:

1. Measure the distance between the 2 slots with the vertical and horizontal direction at the back of the power bar flat plug.

2. Drill 2 holes on the baseboard with the distance measured and insert two self-tapping screws (PA2.5 to PA3.5).

3. Hang the outlet strip on the screws then pull it down slightly to make sure the strip is installed securely.

9.8 Feet Long Extension Cord

9.8 Feet Long Extension Cord

9.8 feet extra long extension cord is flexible enough for most distant appliances.

Right-Angled Flat Plug

Right-Angled Flat Plug

The flat plug design allows the power strip to fit in tight places, such as behind your couch, bed, desk, etc. The 45-degree right-angled plug keeps the other outlets free and is ultimate space-saving for use at home, in hotel, dorm room, or during travel (Cruise-Friendly).

Widely-Spaced Outlets With USB Ports

Widely-Spaced Outlets With USB Ports

Our USB Power Bar features widely-spaced outlets which is perfect for plugging in large plugs or big power adapters without obstructing the adjacent sockets. You could easily plug in your PC, monitor, printer and more. With this 7-in-1 power bar with USB, including four 2 or 3-prong outlets and three USB sockets, would definitely save you space and make your surrounding organized.

USB Charging Station

USB Charging Station

3 USB charger provides a total of 3 amps of power. Built-in device detection to ensure the fastest possible charging speed for the specific plugged-in device. Suitable for your cellphone and most USB devices.

Rubber Bottom

Rubber Bottom

The 4 rubber pads keep it on your desktop or nightstand firmly without slipping off.

On/Off Overload Switch

On/Off Overload Switch

SAFETY IS IMPORTANT! This extension cord with customized ON/OFF overload protection switch will safeguard your expensive devices, as well as protection from short-circuit and voltage fluctuation. This does NOT include surge protection, so it is ideal for cruise trips.

  • Voltage Compatibility: 100~240V AC 50/60Hz
  • Max. Power Rating: 1250W (125V~ 10A)
  • USB Charger: DC 5V 2.4A each port, 3A 15W in Total
  • Cord Length: 9.8 ft / 3m
  • Cord Specification: 18AWG/10A
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