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TESSAN Electrical Plug Extender with 4 Wall Outlet Splitter

  • Multi-Plug USB Splitter: TESSAN multi-plug outlet extender could expand 2 electrical outlet plugs into 4 outlets and 3 USB ports; Wall outlet with USB support dual-range input of 13A/125V, maximum 1625W, suitable for most electrical appliances such as laptops, tablets; Wall plug splitter fit standard receptacle, decorator receptacle
  • USB Wall Outlet: 3 USB chargers detect plugged-in devices and deliver optimal charging speed up to 3A (2.4A max per port); Wall plug expander ideal for cell phones, and tablets; The indicator lets you know if the power is on or off
  • Simple to Install: This USB plug outlet with stabilizing rod design could be fixed firmly to the wall panel; Widely-spaced power outlets fit bulky plugs without blocking adjacent sockets, 7-IN-1 USB outlet wall plug could charge 7 devices simultaneously
  • Surge Protector Wall Plug: Wall outlet with USB is equipped with a surge protector which can protect your devices from detected power surges; This USB outlet extension could also prevent your devices from overheating
  • Suitable for any occasion: Our flat wall plug outlet can be used in any indoor place with a socket, such as for bedroom, kitchen, hotel, and college dorm room

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TESSAN USB Wall Plug Expander

TESSAN USB Wall Plug Expander

Why TESSAN Multi Plug Outlet Extender with USB?

Are you looking for a faster way to charge your devices without taking up much spaces? Are your wall outlets interrupted by large plugs?

Our stylish small and compact USB wall outlet splitter with 4 AC and 3 USB ports is the ideal choice for you!

Widely-Spaced Outlets

The 4 outlets accommodate 4 large plugs without getting in the way of the other. Our multi outlet plug extender supports dual range input of 125V, 13A, maximum power rating 1625W.

USB Charging Hub

The 3 USB charging ports provide a total of 3 Amps of power (2.4A maximum per port). The built-in device detector ensures the fastest possible charging speed for the plugged-in devices. Electric current is distributed automatically according to the remaining power of the appliances.

7 IN 1 Multi Plug Outlet

4 AC Outlets 3 USB Ports

The compact design of TESSAN wall outlet extender expands your 2 grounded wall sockets into 4 multi outlets and 3 USB ports to charge your home appliances and USB devices.

Easy to Install

It is easy to install with the stabilizing rod behind to plug into standard and decorator outlets firmly. For universal compatibility, the stabilizing rod behind could be cut off to fit USB receptacle and GFCI outlets.

Multiple Outlet Wall Plug

1625W Electrical Outlet Extender

1625W Electrical Outlet Extender

This wall plug expander has 4 AC outlets, rated for 13A, 125V, 1625W, suitable for most home appliances such as laptops, tablets, shavers and more. Please make sure your devices cover voltage from 100-125V before using.

USB Charging Station

USB Charging Station

3 USB ports provide a maximum of 2.4 amps of power, 3A in total. This USB power adapter also comes with built in device detection to ensure optimal charging speed. Compatible with cell phone, tablets and other USB devices.

Stabilizing Rod

Stabilizing Rod

The multi outlet plug with stabilizing rod design could be plug-in firmly at standard outlet and decor outlet. The rod can also be cut off for fitting the USB receptacle and GFCI outlet.

Outlet Plug Extender

Widely Spaced Outlet Plugs

Widely Spaced Outlet Plugs

Power adapters are often so big that they partially cover adjoining outlets and make it difficult to plug all your gear onto a single outlet extender. But the wide spacing of this wall plug extender can accommodate 4 bulky plugs simultaneously.

Surge Protection Outlet Extender

Surge Protection Outlet Extender

This plug splitter is equipped with surge protector to protect your devices from detected power surges and spikes and could also protect your devices from overheating.

Compact USB Outlet Splitter

Compact USB Outlet Splitter

TESSAN plug splitter with USB port is very useful for your household appliances at home or office. Outlet splitter can be used in any indoor place with socket, especially for the bedroom, bathroom, college dorm room and hotel. The design with no extension cord makes it simple to plug into any vertical grounded AC outlet to reduce cable chaos and superfluous wall socket.

TESSAN USB Wall Plug Expander

  • Input voltage: AC 125V
  • Rated power: 1625W-13A Max
  • USB Charger: 5V 2.4A each port, 3A 15W in Total
  • It Does NOT convert voltage
  • Item Dimension: 100*100*28mm
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