3/4/5 Way Smart Dimmer Switch, Compatible with Alexa and Google Home

-> 3 Way Smart Dimmer Kit(Master Switch x 1, Add-on Switch x 1);
-> Can Be Expanded to 4/5/6 Way with Extra Add-on Switch together;
-> Dimming: Dim your lights according to your preference; ;
-> Scheduling: Schedule an exact time to turn your lights on and off with Smart Life APP;
-> Voice Control: Works with Smart Life APP to voice activate your lights;
-> Remote Control: Control Your home lighting with Smart Life APP wherever you are;
-> Wireless Technology: Remotely controls your lights by connecting to your home Wi-Fi with no hub or bridge required;
-> Click for learning the things you must know before buying;
-> 30-DAY refund guarantee and Lifetime technical supported;
-> Shipped from US, 3-5 Business Days for Standard Delivery;

smart dimmer switch

Tessan 3 Way Smart Dimmer Switch for Dimmable LED Lights,Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant

>Voice Commands and Automatic Schedules

This dimmable light switch works with Smart Life APP to voice-activated your lights. It's quite helpful when you come back home with hands full of groceries.
You can schedule an exact time to turn your lights on and off with smart Life APP. You don’t have to turn on your lights in darkness when you come home at night.
This 3 Way Smart Dimmer Kit can works with Extra Add-on Switch as a 4/5 Way Smart Dimmer Switch

>Both the Master and Add-on Switch are dimmable

This two switch are all dimmable, You can implement all the functions on any switch. please noted ONLY the main switch has an indicator light, and it can be closed as your need. The dimmer can works with a mixed load of light sources, and be used for a three-way applications.

>Adjustment dial fine tunes dimming range for your specific bulb

There is an adjustment dial to set the low end of dimming range for your bulb type for most efficient operation, and this dimmer improves the performance of dimmable CFLs and LEDs by eliminating flicker. ensuring lights stay on when they are dimmed to a low level, and making sure lights operate properly at all levels.


Things you must know before buying:
-> NEUTRAL WIRE REQUIRED: MUST works with the neutral wire. If you are not sure whether there is a neutral wire, please email to us for technical support before you placing an order.
-> Mains Dimming (TRIAC) ONLY. NOT Support 0-10V, PWM, Dila, D-Max;
-> Up To 400 Watt Incandescent Or Halogen Bulb;
-> Up To 150 Watt Dimmable LED/CFL;
->  3-WAY CIRCUIT:Two switches for the same light bulbs.;
-> 2.4G WiFi(802.11b/G/N) ONLY, NOT Support 5G WiFi(802.11ac);

Item Dimensions: 5.04(L)*3.31(W)*1.3(H) Inch;
Item Weight: 290g/0.64lb;
->This Smart Dimmer Switch Designed Based On The Standard Box Size, Fit With 1/2/3/4 Gang Box.

>Install and Connect the Dimmer Switch to WiFi

STEP 1: Install the Master Switch and Add-On Switch

-> Attach the white wire(neutral wire) from the master switch to the group of white wires (neutral wire) in the electric box.
-> Attach the black wire(live wire) from the master switch to the hot wire in the electric box.
-> Attach the TRA-2 wire(brown) from the Add-on switch and the load wire from the light bulb to the TRA-2 wire(brown) from the master switch.
-> Attach the TRA-1(red) wire from the Add-on switch to the TRA-1 wire(red) from the master switch.
-> Attach the ground wire(green) from the master switch to the group of ground wire, and Add-on switch is the same.

STEP 2: Check Wiring and other items(IMPORTANT)

-> Check the led indicator of the master switch, when the green led Indicator flashes quickly, it means you have a wrong wiring, back to Step 1 to check and rewiring. if the red led indicator is always on, go to the next step.
-> Manually turn on/off and Dim/Brighten the switch, if the light bulb work well, the wiring is ok. if you can only turn on/off the light, but can't dim or brighten the lights normally, back to Step 1 to check and rewiring (usually is the wire to the light bulb have a wrong connection to TRA1, attach it to the TRA-2(master or add-on switch is ok) will slove the problem)

STEP 3: Connect the 3 Way Dimmer Switch to WiFi

-> Make sure the router and your phone are all on the 2.4Ghz channel.
-> Login the "Smart Life - Smart Living" App with your account.
-> Click"+" in the top right corner of app to add the smart switch.
-> Click "Wall Switch"(not Wall Switch (bluetooth) or Wall Switch(ZigBee)) in Electrical Category.
-> Follow the app instructions to complete the addition.

STEP 4: Pair with Alexa/Google home

1>Pair with Alexa
>click"Skills" > search"Smart Life" app > click"enable" > Login with your smart life account (the same account that you pair with your switch) > click "Link now" > finished
2>Pair with Google home
>"Home Control" > Click "+" add a device > search "Smart life" app > Login with your smart life account (the same account that you pair with your switch) > click "Link now" > finished


Q1: Why the switch can't control the lights? or Why the lights is always powered, the switch can't turn on/off and dim/brighten the lights?
A: You attached the hot wire to the light directly, so the swith could not control the lights, just rewiring follow the Wiring Diagram and STEP 1.

Q2: Why the switch can't connect to wifi?
A: Kindly please check and follow the steps:
1> Check the Wiring follow the Wiring Diagram and STEP 1;
2> Make sure your WiFi router on 2.4G Channel, no access limitation (like Static IP or MacAddress Bonding), set a different name for the two channel when the router is on 2.4G and 5G mixed mode, as "wifi 2.4g" and "wifi 5g".
3> Make sure your phone is on 2.4ghz channel When syncing with switch.
4> Installed the correct App named "Smart Life - Smart Living" or "Tuya Smart".
5> Use the AP mode will improve your success rate for the wifi connection.
6> Please check the number of devices connected to wifi router, When the number exceeds the performance of the router, the wifi connection would be unstable or failed. so you need pause or turn off some devices, For some old routers, keep the number of devices connected to the router less than 10 at the same time, it will improve your success rate for the wifi connection.

Q3: Why the switch can't connect with Alexa/Google home?
A: -> Make sure your switch was installed correctly, add the switch in the "smart life" APP and be sure the switch works well with the smart life app. -> Check the skill your enabled was correct (the same as the Smart Life App logo).
-> Verify that the account used in the skill is the same as in the Smart Life App (many people use another account, or Alexa's account). If the problem is still on, Kindly please email to for a technical support.

Q4: How to control the switch by voice command?
A: ->Firstly, rename a simple name is helpful for Alexa/Google home identify your voice commands accurately, you can rename it in the smart life app.
-> You can control this wifi smart dimmer by voice command as:
"Alexa, turn on/off the room light" ;
or "Alexa, dim the room light to 30%";
or "Alexa, set the room light to 90%";
or "Alexa, increase the room light to 50 percent"


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