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Diivoo LED Plant Lamps with 5 Adjustable Gooseneck

  • LED Plant Growing Lights: Diivoo plant grows light provides your plants with a red and blue spectrum from 380nm to 780nm, which can effectively supplement the lack of natural sunlight and promote the growth of plants at all stages from germination, seedling starting, to flowering and maturity.
  • Timing Function: According to the different growth stages of your plants, the plant growing lamps can be timed to 3H,9H, or 12H, and they will turn on/off automatically at the same time every day according to your time setting.
  • 3 Switch Modes &10 Dimmable Brightness: the indoor grow light has 3 spectral modes and 10 different brightness dimmable options to meet different stages of plant-growing needs.
  • Strong Clip for Wider Application: Five 360¡ãflexible adjustable goosenecks and a strong anti-slip clip can easily adjust the direction and angle to provide a wider light range for indoor plants and more energy.
  • Safe application and Scenarios: Fit for dark rooms, Green Houses, offices, or any indoor places, high-quality aluminum substrate accessories bring a good heat dissipation effect to this planting lamp.

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Suitable for indoor gardens and indoor potted plants

Suitable for indoor gardens and indoor potted plants

Diivoo plant light has 100 light clips,consisting of 65 red led and 35 blue led.If you are concerned about the growing efficiency of your plants,It allows your plants to have a stronger trunk,a shorter growing cycle and a brighter color;The lights that the plants absorb from sunlight are mainly red light and blue light,So Diivoo grow lamp follows this rule to fulfill the needs from the plants.


  • 3 Spectrum Modes
  • 10 Dimmable Modes
  • 3 Cycle Timing Modes
  • 360° Flexible Gooseneck & Sturdy Clamp

Product Features

Timer Panel

Timer Panel

  • 3 Switch Modes:Red Light On,Blue Light On,Both Red and Blue On
  • 10 Dimmable Modes:Single press has 10 kinds of brightness;Long press to change from dark to bright.
  • 3 Timing Modes:Press once for 3H,then press once for 9H,and press the third time for 12H.
  • Power on/off key:Turn on/off easy to control.

3 Spectral Modes:Red Light On,Sunlike Light On,Both Red and Blue On. 10 Dimmable Modes:Single press has 10 kinds of brightness; Long press to change from dark to bright. 3 Timing Modes:press once for 3 H,then press once for 9H,and press the third time for 12 H. Power on/off key:Turn on/off easy to control.

USB Adapter

USB Adapter

Diivoo indoor grow light is flexible and easy to use.It is equipped with 5V adapter,which balances security and effectiveness,and has unlimited movement.Just connect the adapter to the USB and connect the plug to a nearby power supply.

Clips and Gooseneck

Clips and Gooseneck

This plant growth lamp clip is made of high quality materials and powerful mechanical springs.It can be put on the plant rack,on the window,on the table and soon.The skid pad on the clip also provides a very strong grip to keep it firmly in place.

The 360°flexible goose neck allows you to adjust the angle at will without worrying about the interruption of the light,so that you can adjust the position of the light source according to the placement of the plant.

Spectrum Application

Red Spectrum

Red Spectrum:

Suitable for:Leafy vegetables,Melons and fruits(strawberry,tomato,cucumber, and so on)

Blue Spectrum

Blue Spectrum:

Suitable for Ornamental horticulture,Leafy vegetables.

Red and Blue Spectrum

Red and Blue Spectrum:

(red light+blue light,seen as purple light)

Suitable for:provides supplement light for succulents,multi-lamps for multi-levels of supplements.

  • Input voltage:DC5V
  • Input interface:USB
  • Ratio:Red+blue2:1
  • LED:65 Red+35 Blue
  • Material:Aluminum+PC
  • Timing Setting:3H/9H/12H
  • Modes:Red/Blue/Red+Blue Mix Light
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