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Smart Ceiling Fan Control, TESSAN WiFi Fan Switch Compatible with Alexa and Google Home

38,65 €

Make your existing ceiling fan smart and no longer have the inconvenience of pull chain control.

The smart fan switch enables you to control your ceiling fan from anywhere at any time.

  1. Input power: 120V AC;
  2. Frequency: 60Hz;
  3. Communication: 2.4G WIFI Only (NOT for 5G);
  4. Max ceiling fan load: 1.5A
  5. App Supported: Smart life APP; Tuya APP


  1. Not use for exhaust fans and fans have built-in Remote control/WIFI control.
  2. Pull chain fan needs to be set to the highest before installing the smart fan switch.
  3. Not use for ceiling fan light kit
  4. Neutral wire required;
  5. Single-pole use only (NOT 3-way)

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  • Change into a Ceiling Fan Smart Switch

    TESSAN smart fan switch allows you to adjust the ceiling fan via voice commands, APP remote control from anywhere, fan schedules to control the ceiling fan automatically; It is more convenient to control your ceiling fan using APP and voice commands.

  • 4 Speeds Control

    The smart ceiling fan switch provides 4 Fan speeds to meet your different requirements; There is an indicator light telling the fan speed level so you no more have to guess what speed it’s

  • Wireless Remote & Voice Control

    With this ceiling fan smart switch, you are able to control the fan on/off/speed via simple voice command when your hands are full; It’s also convenient for kids who cannot touch the ceiling fan control. And you can adjust fan speed and turn on/off your ceiling fan from anywhere anytime through the Smart Life APP.

  • Schedule Program and Countdown

    You are able to change fan speed without having to get out of bed or couch; Create timer or countdown schedules to automate your fan turn on/off at the preset time, including sunrise &sunset; Supports 2.4GHZ WIFI ONLY (NOT 5G)

  • Friendly Customer Service

    TESSAN provides online installation assistance and lifetime technical support directly; 18-Month quality issues support and full-time customer service

4 Speed Fan Control


Schedule and Countdown

Create custom schedules to turn your fan on/off/speed on certain days or times, set a countdown to control the fan via your smart phone automatically, so you don't have to manually adjust it and run it 24x7. The smart fan controller makes home automation rather easier.

Easy to Setup


Easy Setup

Put the pull chain on high and replace the switch with your existing wiring (with neutral wire). No hub required. The ceiling fan smart control is easy to setup as the Smartlife app will automatically detect the switch and ask if you want to add it. It is easy to control the fan using the smart functions.

Voice Contral


Indicator Light

The physical switch also has speed controls and 4 indicator lights on the top of the switch showing the speed level. You are able to change the status of the LED indicator light on SmartLife APP, you can choose the indicator light is bright or dim when the switch is on, which is a very user-friendly design.

  • Input power: 120V AC
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Communication: 2.4G WIFI Only (NOT for 5G)
  • Max ceiling fan load: 1.5A
  • App Supported: Smart life APP; Tuya APP
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    Q1: I install the smart fan switch as instructed, why the switch cannot turn on the fan? (What fan does it work with?)
    • -> A: The smart ceiling fan switch does not work with fans having a built-in remote/wifi control system. The pull chain fan needs to be set to the highest before installing the smart fan switch.
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    Q2: Why I can turn the ceiling fan on/off with voice command but can't use voice command to control the speed?
    • -> A: Please check the device details in the app, and make sure your skill is correct. Works with Alexa: In this App, click "Skills"> search "Smart Life" app > click "Enable" > Log into your smart life account and click "Link now" > When completed, discover the device, it will find your named switch. Works with Google Assistant: In this App, find "Home Control" > Click "add a device" and search "Smart life" > Sign up with your smart life account then you can use to control the switch. NOTE: The name you assigned to your switch in SmartLife APP is the name that should be used in voice command. For example, if you set the switch name as "Bedroom fan", the supported voice commands are as below: "turn on Bedroom fan"; "turn off Bedroom fan"; "set the Bedroom fan speed to 3"/"set the Bedroom fan to 3";"decrease the Bedroom fan speed to 1" (For controlling fan speed, please do not use "level" in voice command.)
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    Q3: Can it adjust the light and fan kits together?
    • -> A: No, Tessan smart fan switch works with ceiling fan that does not have light. It only adjusts the fan, and cannot work with the light.
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    Q4: Can I change the status of the led indicator light?
    • -> A: Yes, you can change the status of the LED indicator light on SmartLife APP. You can choose the indicator light bright or dim as you wish when the switch is on.
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    Q5: How to know the fan level speed for switch?
    • -> A: The ceiling fan smart switch has 4 indicator lights on the upper side of the switch, the fan LED indicator light is on to represent 1, 2, 3, 4 level speeds respectively.
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    Q6: Why can't the switch connect to wifi?
    • -> A: Please make sure your WIFI router is on 2.4G Channel (not 5G), no access limitation (like Static IP or Mac Address Bonding) and be close to WIFI. >Set a different name for the two channels if the router is on 2.4G and 5G mixed mode, such as "wifi 2.4g" and "wifi 5g".
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    Q7: Can the fan switch be used as 3 way switch?
    • -> A: No, it can only be used as a single pole switch.
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    Q8: Can I use it to control a fan with 3 speeds or 5 speeds?
    • -> A: The smart fan switch can only be used with 4 speed fan. If it's used to control fan with 3/5 speeds, the fan speed change will not obvious.
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