FAQ for Travel Plug Adapter

Q1: What kinds of plug adapter should i buy when i travel to United Kingdom (or other Country/Region)?
A: Since there are 13 kinds of plug adapters from type A to type N, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the plug type of the country you are visiting beforehand to see if it is different from your home country. Luckily, there is a table that lists the plug types and voltage information in all countries globally. You just need to find your destination to choose the correct plug adapter and converter if you need one.

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Q2: Do i need a Converter or a Travel Adapter? What is the different between a converter and adapter? 
A: 1>. Please check if your device supports dual voltage, the dual voltage devices can be used worldwide without converter;
2>. If your device does not support dual voltage, you need to check the voltage in your destination country is same with in your home country. If it is not the same, you need a converter.
3>. On the basis of the above, check the plug specifications of the destination country. If the plugs are inconsistent, you need to select a converter with the correct specifications.
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Q3: Does this adapter charge an iphone x or a new ipad (no converter)?
A: Yes, It suit all type of USB charging device.

Q4: Can this plug adapter work with hair dryer and straightening iron?
A: Please check your specification of hair dryer/straightening iron is it 100-250v wide voltage, if yes, then it can work. If only 110V/125V, then it can not work, you will need power converter.

Q5: Does this adapter have surge protection?
A: No, This Plug Adapter have not surge protection, so you can also use it for your Cruise trip

Q6: Can i use this adapter for a dual voltage travel hairdryer(or other devices) that is 1875 watts?
A: Yes, the power rating of the adapter is 2500w, if your device is dual voltage, and not over 2500w then you can work.