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Flat Plug Power Strip with USB and 4 Widely Outlets

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  • 4 Widely Outlets and 3 USB ports;
  • Right angle flat plug features a low profile fits easily in tight spaces;
  • Wall Mount Power Strip;
  • Multiple Safety Protection;
  • Buy 2 get 10% off, 4 get 15% off, 10 get 20% off;
  • 18 Month Warranty and 30-DAY refund supported;
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Tessan 4 Widely-Spaced Outlets Power Strip with 3 USB Ports

Tired of using your unaesthetic and space-wasting power strip?
This compact power strip offers ultimate convenience and protect various electrical appliances from eletrical short circuit, overheat, overcharging, over current, etc.



Widely Outlet Power Strip

4 widely spaced outlets are separated with enough space to fit big plugs without blocking each other. 3 high-powered USB ports would assign ideal current intelligently.

Flat Plug and 45 Degree Angled

The flat plug features a low profile fits easily in tight spaces, and the 45 degree angled plug to keep other outlets free, is the ultimate space-saving power strip wherever you are. 

Power Strip with Circuit Breaker

Built-in Circuit Breaker safeguards your expensive appliances from overload, short circuit, voltage fluctuations.

Wall Mount Power Strip

Mount this usb power outlet on the wall would be easily by 2 slots on the back.
Step by Step:
1. Measure the distance between the 2 slots with the vertical and horizontal direction on the back of the power bar.
2. Punch 2 holes on the baseboard with the distance you just measured and insert two self-tapping screws(PA2.5 to PA3.5)
3. Hang the outlet strip on the screws then pull it down a little to make sure the strip is tight.

Desktop Power Strip

With 5ft cord, it is flexible enough to be settled in various places like the desk in the office or nightstand at home. The 4 rubber feet on the bottom keep from slipping and sliding.

No Surge Protector and Cruise Ship Friendly

Surge protectors are not allowed on cruise. This power strip without surge protection is an ideal choice for you. Not for Royal Caribbean cruise as they do not allow extension cords.

-> Voltage Compatibility: 100~125V AC 50/60Hz;

-> Max. Power Rating: 1250W (125V~ 10A);

-> USB Charger: DC 5V 2.4A each port, 3A 15W in Total;

-> Cord Length: 5 ft/1.5m;

-> Cord Specification: 18AWG/10A;

-> Item Dimensions: 3.9*3.9*1.1 in;

->For your safety, ensure that the load power DO NOT exceed the rate power of 1250W.

  • ..
    Is it mountable? How is it mountable? Are there hooks in the back?
    • There are no hooks, but rather key holes that screw heads or nail heads would fit in and can then be hung or mounted.
  • ..
    Can i use a hairdryer with this?
    • The power strip is rated to 1250 W so depending on your hair dryer, this would work just fine.
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