Surge Protector Power Strip Tower with 8 AC Outlets 4 USB

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-> Surge Protector Power Strip Tower;
-> 8 AC Outlets & 4 USB Ports;
-> 10 Feet Extension Cord;
-> 18 Month Wrranty;
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surge protector power strip tower

TESSAN 8 Widely-spaced Outlets with 4 USB Ports

Tower Power Strip is truly widely-spaced outlets that multiple outlets can be used simultaneously.Tower Power Strip provides 4 orientations of Outlets for greater flexibility. It’s too common for traditional long strips, and tower power strip is more design.


  • Model Number: JW401
  • Power Rating: 1250W - 10A MAX, 125V~(2500W - 10A MAX, 250V~)
  • USB Input: AC 100-250V~ 50/60Hz, 10A
  • USB Output: 5V - 2.4A Max Per Port, Total Output: 3.1A
  • 8 Widely-Spaced AC Outlets with 4 Usb Charging Ports
  • 10-Foot Extra Long Cord
  • Surge Protector Rating: 150 joules

2 On/Off Switch

We designed two switches to control the front and back outlets (4 outlets each). When you don't need to use so many outlets, you can turn it off, which can save energy.

Built-in Circuit Breaker

Our tower power strip is built-in red reset button. When overloaded, this red button will be activated to cut off the current and protect the electronics. When the temperature drops to normal, you can return the red button to continue using the tower.

Stable Base

The Base is very stable. We use geometry to design a sturdy base that can withstand the device plugs without worrying that the plugs are too heavy for the tower to stand upright.

Real Widely-spaced Outlets

The closest distance to each plug is 38 mm. In order for you to use the 8 outlets at the same time, the tower provides enough space for each plug to be used in harmony.

10 Feet Extension Cord

The tower power strip with extra long extension cord 10 feet solves the problem of our desk being far from the socket. You can use your device almost anywhere in the room because of the 10 feet cord.

Space Saver

As you can see, it's a great design. Whether it's on the desktop or on the floor, it cleans up your line very neatly. More importantly, it's a space saver.

Built-in Surge Protection

At the same time our tower power strip is still a tower surge protector. This is a very important feature to protect your expensive electronic devices. It avoids minor surges and ensures the normal use of devices.

Widely Used

Our tower design is novel. It is a beautiful decoration, whether in the office or at home. It can be used to power your computer, laptop, iPad, printer, router, phone, speakers, rice cookers and other devices.


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