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TESSAN Black Surge Protector Power Strip with 15 Outlets 3 USB Ports

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  • Multiple Outlets Charging Station: 15 widely spaced outlets with a 3-sided non-blocking design, our power strip surge protector fits bulky power adapters without blocking others. 3 USB Ports detect intelligently and charge most USB devices at the ideal output, like smartphones, tablets, cameras, power banks, etc
  • Surge Protected Power Strip: Safeguard electrical devices from voltage spikes caused by irregular electrical current or lightning strikes with a 1050-Joule energy rating, and protect your expensive appliances like computers, TV at home, office, college dorm, etc
  • Overload Protection: The integrated circuit breaker will cut off power automatically to protect your devices from overload and over-current. And the switch also can control the outlets and USB ports together for energy saving. Soft indicator lets you know the power is active and it does not cause bright light in the dark
  • Heavy Duty Cord with Flat Plug: The power rating of 1875W is compatible with many high-power devices. 6 feet heavy duty power cord provides sufficient length. A right-angle plug with a low profile fits easily behind furniture
  • Space-Saving & Wall Mountable: This power strip makes your office desk or gaming room tidy as it can substitute two ordinary power strips. It can be mounted to walls, desks, or furniture with two keyhole slots on the back to save space also.


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TESSAN Black Extension Cord with 15 Outlets 3 USB Ports

Why TESSAN Surge Protector Power Strip?

Are you looking for a power strip with multiple outles?This 15-outlet power strip is your solution.

1. Multiple Outlets with Compact Size: 15-outlet with 3 smart USB ports charge for electrical appliances at home, kitchen, office, workshop and etc. Though it is a multi-outlet power strip, it comes in a compact size 10''x 2.2''x 2.2''.

2. Multi Safety Protection: Protect your electronics with 1050 Joules surge protection and integrated circuit breaker. Also over-current protection, short circuit protection, and 1850W power cord with heat-resistence safeguard your devices and home safety.

3. Convenient Design: Non-blocking cube design, on-off switch, 6ft long extension cord, low profile flat plug, wall mountable screw holes, soft indicator light.

All-in-one Charging Station & Safeguard your devices:

Multi Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip

The surge protector power strip can power and protect your TV, computers, home theatre, electronics with 1050 Joule energy rating.

Smart USB charging ports with an intelligent circuit design that detects and accommodates the power needs of your device.

Unique 3 Sides Design

Unique 3 Sides Design

The unique 3 sided design with 15 AC outlets allows you to accommodate large power adapters without blocking others.

1050-Joule Surge Protection

1050-Joule Surge Protection

With 1050 joules surge protection, you never have to worry about things like power spikes or storms damaging your valuable devices. The surge protector uses oversize metal oxide varistors that absorb electricity and release it as heat.

Overload Protection Switch

Overload Protection Switch

The surge protector includes an integrated circuit breaker to protect against overload, and automatic shutdown technology to stop power to your devices once surge protection expires. And a Soft indicator light doesn't disturb you when sleeping.

15A Heavy Duty Cord

15A Heavy Duty Cord

The power strip surge protector make from 15A heavy duty cord 6 ft to provide up to 1875W, compatible with higher power of most devices. Unlike other power strips only provide 1625W, even 1250W only fits the low-power devices.

Low profile Angled Flat Plug

Low profile Angled Flat Plug

The flat plug features a low profile fits easily in tight spaces and behind furniture. And the 45-degree angled plug keeping other outlets vacant, the ultimate space-saving power strip for your home, office, dorm room.

Wall Mounted Steps

Wall Mounted Steps

1. Measure the 2 slots distance with vertical and horizontal direction on the back of the power bar.

2. Punch 2 holes on the baseboard with the distance you just measured and insert two self-tapping screws.

3. Hang the outlet strip on the screws then pull it down a little to make sure the strip is tight.

  • Non-blocking 3-sided design
  • 1050 Joules Protection
  • Overload Protection Switch
  • 6ft extension cord
  • low profile flat plug
  • wall mountable
  • soft indicator light
  • Heavy Duty Copper Cord
  • Surge Protection
  • Overload Protection
  • Lightning Protection
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • OverCurrent Protection
  • Withstand Up to 1382℉
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