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Diivoo Automatic Drip Irrigation Kits with APP

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  • Remote Control and Notification Alert- Easy to control the drip irrigation system anytime and anywhere via Smart Life App. If Auto-Run watering plans are active or the water tank is short of water, you'll receive an app push notification immediately. It is perfect kit to keep your plant survive and thrive when you are busy with schedule or away on vacation.
  • Stable and Reliable Connection- Before add plant watering device to your app, make sure the device is powered on by the USB port and your phone connect with 2.4GHz WiFi. Once added device successfully, your can set up the program anytime and anywhere, even without the phone connected to WiFi, and but the device needs to be powered on by the USB port, otherwise it will be disconnected.
  • Intelligent Linkage Control- Customize your watering schedule to control your smart devices easily by automating smart routine tasks, when current temps, humidity, local weather and so on reached your setting condition, drip irrigation system perform the task to turn on or off.
  • Easy to Set Auto and Manual Watering- Only Two steps to set auto schdule via app, just set the time interval from 1 hour to 7 days and water duration time from 6 secs to 30 mins. Just set the water duration time if need to manual watering mode and it don't interrupt your auto schedule, you can water your plants at any time.
  • 2 Types of Power- Drip irrigation system come with 4 AA batteries (include) and USB cable (include). If you need to a long trip, make sure USB power on, which prevent plants from running out of water due to low battery.
  • What You Get- A Elegant Gift Box, 1*Wifi Drip Irrigation System, 1*USB Cable, 4*AA Batteries, 10m(32.8ft) 1/4'' Tubing, 10* Micro Drip Emitters, 10* T Barb Fitting, 3*Cross Barb Fitting, 3* Straight Barb Fitting, 1*Filter, 3* Tubing End Caps and User Manual.

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Vacation Plant Watering Devices

Vacation Plant Watering Devices

Diivoo WiFi automatic watering pump kit will help you take care of your plants. You can remotely control to it anywhere and anytime, which saves you time and mind. It's perfect choice for watering your potted plants in your deck, patio, garden, vegetable garden when you are busy or travel on vacation.

Vacation Plant Watering Devices

Make sure the device is powered on by the USB port and your phone connect with 2.4GHz WiFi.

  • Step 1. Download the "Smart Life" from the App Store/Google Play, or scan the QR code on the user manual and create an account.
  • Step 2. Select "Add Manually", Click "Industry & Agriculure" and "Irrigators(Wi-Fi)".
  • Step 3. Select 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Network and enter password, the click "Next". Ensure that the indicator lights on, then Click "Confirm" and "Next"
  • Step 4. The timer is paired successfully if the indicator constantly lights on.

Smart Linkage Control

Set your customize routine in the app, when the environment changes, automatic watering system can perform intelligent linkage.

For example, when the temperature surpass you set, the watering system open automatically. When local weather is rainy, the watering system turn off.

10+ Optional Conditions

Drip irrigation Weekly (Optional from Monday to Sunday)

Drip Irrigation when temperature changed. (Optional from -40℃ to 40℃. Temp unit can not change to ℉)

Drip Irrigation when humidity changed. (Optional dry, comfortable, moist )

Drip watering when weather changed. (Optional sunny, cloudy, rainy, snowy and hazy.)

Remotely Control

Remotely Control

This product very suitable to help you take care of your plants remotely when you travel or are busy with daily affairs and make your plants more lush and vigorous.

Powerful and Quiet Pump

Powerful and Quiet Pump

The product built-in pump for fetching water from a bucket or tank, which support max 10 plants or max 3 meter lift distance for irrigation.

Automatic Watering

Automatic Watering

With auto mode, 2 watering durations can be from 6s to 59s or from 1mins to 30mins, 2 watering frequencies can be from 1hr to 24hrs or from 1 day to 7 days.

Manual Watering

Manual Watering

Only set the water duration time in the manual watering mode and it don't interrupt your auto schedule, you can water your plants at any time.

Two Type of Power Supply

Two Type of Power Supply

The drip irrigation kit comes with 4 AA batteries and USB cable(USB Adapter not included), use both at the same time which ensures long-lasting power life.

No-water Alert

No-water Alert

You'll receive an app push notification immediately when the water tank is short of water, which remind you to add water to the tank.

Deeper Watering

Deeper Watering

Automatic watering system with the watering stakes delivers water deep into the soil, which ​can save 70% water than using traditional spray and plant irrigation dripper.

Easy to Place

Easy to Place

Come with detachable hook, you can place on a table as needed, or install hooks that are convenient for hanging on a bucket in your bedroom, office or garden.

What you get?

  • 1* Elegant Gift Box,
  • 1* Wifi Water Pump Timer,
  • 10* Dripper, 10* T Barb Fitting,
  • 1* 10m(32.8ft) 1/4'' Tubing, 1* USB Cable and 4*AA Batteries,
  • 3* Cross Barb Fitting, 3* Straight Barb Fitting, 3* Tubing End Caps,
  • 1* User Manual

Vacation Plant Watering Devices

Q1: Why does the device fail to pair?

A1: Check if two conditions are both met as follow,

First, the timer is connected with USB cable.

Sceond, the smart phone joined in 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Network

Q2: How to Prevent Siphoning?

A2: Do not put the reservoir in a position higher than controller, and make sure the water leave in the reservoir must be lower than the plants, to avoid causing siphon effect.

Q3: Uneven water flow?

A3: The further away from the pump the potted plant is, the weaker the water flow will become. Please use some clamps to hold the first few branches so that the mainstream water can be delivered quickly and for a long time.

Q4: Is it waterproof?

A4: No, the device is not waterproof, please do not use it on rainy days

Q5: How long to water?

A5: Different plants need the water vary from each other. Some need more water while some not. If you water different plants in one system, we suggest you insert more stakes for those plants that like water than the others.

Q6: How to attch the tube to jonint easily?

A6: Soaking the tubes in the hot water for minutes or applying little vegetable oil to the joints, you can connect the tubes to joints more easily.

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