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    • UK To European Travel Adapter With 2 USB Ports
    • £12.97
    • UK To United States/Canada Travel Adapter With 2 USB Ports
    • £14.18
    • TESSAN 2 Way Plugs Extension Multi Sockets Wall Charger Adapter
    • £11.82
    • TESSAN 8 Way Multi Plug Socket with 2M Cable
    • £18.55
    • TESSAN 6 Way Multi Plug Extension Cord with 2M Cable
    • £22.62
    • TESSAN Multi USB Plug Extension, 2 Pin to 3 Pin Socket Plug Adaptor
    • £12.60

The World's No. 1 Power Strip and Travel Plug Adapter Brand

  • 100 Million+

    100 Million+ Products Sold Worldwide

  • 146 Countries

    Available in 146 Countries

  • 10 Years of Innovation

    Pioneer in Charging Technology for 10 Years

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Why did more than 10,000,000 users choose TESSAN?

  • Troy King
    Always bought Tessan products and never had any problems. They work great and last for years. Recently had a problem with some power strip I'd had for about 4 months. They didn't hesitate and replaced them immediately. Very happy
  • Lauren Edwards
    Tessan is literally the best tech company I've ever came across. Amazing High quality product. More amazing is the costumer service. They were super friendly and helpful. Nothing to complain at all. Totally recommended.
  • Ashley Turner
    Amazing customer service, the best I’ve had! My wall plug stopped working, immediately I was in contact with them on their support line and received a replacement within two days!! Also great people who I’ve talked to and dealt with.
  • Darren Williams
    I love the travel adapter that I bought from Tessan. I got it a year ago and thought I lost it, today I found it at the bottom of my couch, and it still holds a decent amount of power, geesh, solid product.
  • Jonathan Hamrick
    Excellent customer service, Henry was super super helpful in dealing with the issues, as well as getting in touch after the fact to make sureI was happy. That is what you call going above and beyond. Hugely recommend Tessan products.