TESSAN Triumphs with Gold and Silver at the International Muse Design Awards 2024

TESSAN Triumphs with Gold and Silver at the International Muse Design Awards 2024

In an electrifying global showcase of design and innovation, TESSAN has emerged as a beacon of creativity by securing both Gold and Silver honors at the prestigious Muse Design Awards 2024. With an ethos that transcends borders, TESSAN's award-winning products—the Cat Series Intelligent Charging Set, the serialized multi-functional fast charging socket, and the Household EV AC Charger—have garnered critical acclaim, highlighting the brand’s universal appeal.

Muse Design Awards 2024

Gold Winner

Cat Series Intelligent Charging Set: This is not merely a gadget; it’s a travel companion for the modern nomad, crafted to deliver power wherever the journey leads.

Silver Winner

Serialized multi-functional fast charging socket: Envision a hub of connectivity that redefines efficiency, a sleek embodiment of universal power solutions.

Silver Winner

Household EV AC Charger: Imagine an eco-forward energy conduit for the home, providing a glimpse into a cleaner, greener future of domestic travel.

This tale of triumph is woven from the threads of countless journeys, inspirations from every corner of the globe, and the universal language of innovative design. TESSAN's achievements at the Muse Design Awards are milestones on a path paved with the spirit of adventure and a commitment to seamless, efficient energy solutions for all.

“These awards celebrate the spirit of innovation that drives us. We're honored to be recognized for our dedication to crafting charging solutions that empower and inspire. TESSAN is for every explorer, every household, every story,”says Alex, TESSAN's CEO and lead product designer.


TESSAN is a global leader in the charging solution industry, dedicated to providing innovative and efficient charging options for home and travel. With a vision to connect people to a better life, TESSAN has transformed the charging habits of over 20 million users worldwide. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and user experience has made us the go-to brand for charging solutions that simplify and enhance the way we live and travel.