Bringing TESSAN to Your Network

Join our network of distributors and become part of the TESSAN family. Distributors play a crucial role in bringing our innovative charging solutions to a wider audience. Learn about the opportunities and benefits of becoming a TESSAN distributor, and explore how you can expand your product portfolio with our cutting-edge technology.

Universal travel adapter

Travel plug adapter

Flat plug power strip

Power strip tower station

Wireless charger

Outlet extender

Proven Products

Tessan is a renowned brand, recognized for its high-quality power strips, travel adapters, smart sockets, plug-in boards, and more. Partnering with us means offering proven products that customers trust.

Global Reach

Our products have a global presence, making them suitable for a wide range of markets. Joining Tessan as a distributor or dealer allows you to tap into a vast customer base.

Competitive Advantage

Tessan products are competitively priced, ensuring that you can provide your customers with exceptional value while maintaining healthy profit margins.

Marketing Support

We offer marketing support and materials to help you promote Tessan products effectively in your region. We're invested in your success.

Product Training

Our team provides comprehensive product training and support to ensure that you and your team are well-equipped to represent Tessan products.

How To Get Started?

Step 01

Contact Us

Reach out to our distributor and dealer partnership team by filling out our contact form. Let us know your interest in partnering with Tessan.

Step 02


A Tessan representative will get in touch with you to discuss your business goals, the products you're interested in, and the territory you wish to cover.

Step 03


We'll evaluate your application and discuss terms and conditions, including pricing, minimum order quantities, and distribution territories.

Step 04


Once we reach a mutually beneficial agreement, we'll provide you with the necessary documentation to formalize our partnership.

Step 05

Get Started

Start ordering Tessan products and take advantage of our marketing support and training resources to promote and sell our products in your region.