The Heart of Innovative Charging.

Welcome to the world of TESSAN, where innovation and connectivity converge to redefine the way you power your life. Our commitment to making technology simple, eager, and powerful drives everything we do. Explore our brand, our story, and the exciting events we're part of. Discover what sets TESSAN apart as your trusted partner in charging solutions.

Bridging Innovation and Connectivity.

From your home to your destination the journey never ends.

Our story begins with a visionary traveler and product designer, Alex, Alex, a seasoned voyager and brilliant product designer, lives by a profound mantra: "The Journey Begins at Home." To him, every moment at home is a prelude to the incredible adventures that await, both near and far. As he traverses the globe, every experience serves as a source of inspiration, sparking his imagination to create ingenious solutions that enrich the lives of travelers and tech aficionados everywhere.

Eight years ago, during a remarkable ocean voyage that forever altered his perspective, Alex encountered a relentless challenge: the vexing world of charging smart devices in diverse settings. Compatibility woes, sluggish charging--it was a constant struggle. Yet, in the face of adversity, Alex saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and the everyday lives of people. Thus, TESSAN was born--a brand with a singular mission: to turn this dream into a reality.

Unleashing Innovation in Charging Solutions.

Bringing Comfort and Convenience to Your Everyday Life.

The name TESSAN is a fusion of "Technology" and "Essence," symbolizing the heart of human ingenuity and the very essence of innovative design. It represents a commitment to enhancing lives, whether you're cozy at home or embarking on a thrilling journey.

Our vision is to become the ultimate destination for groundbreaking charging solutions, to pioneering technological advancements and crafting perfect experiences remains steadfast.

Alex, with unwavering determination, guides the team on this relentless quest for excellence, day in and day out. Together, we forge connections that transcend the boundaries of technology and lifestyle, one revolutionary invention at a time,connect people with a better life.

TESSAN Innovation.

Life is a process of increasing entropy, from order to disorder, The way of life of people all over the world is facing severe challenges in smart devices and in a digital world. How to maintain balance and efficiency between devices and people's lifestyles, It is an ethical issue that needs attention in the process of scientific and technological innovation.

Travel scenarios

TESSAN creates a socket and adapter product that is compatible with more than 200 countries around the world, you can easily solve equipment power and charging problems in different countries around the world just equip a TESSAN anywhere and anytime. Help you reduce the burden and increase happiness during the journey.