About Mattias Klum

A prodigious photographer, filmmaker, conservationist and artist works all around the world to help us bridge the gap between mind and heart. Celebrated and awarded for his trademark emotionally arresting storytelling and photographic language that has rendered him success not only in the world of documentaries but also in the art scene. Klum’s work is featured in major international publications, such as National Geographic, Geo, The New York Times and Vogue. In 1997 National Geographic Magazine published Klum’s photographs for the first time. That story made him one of National Geographic’s youngest contributors at the time. Since 1997, he has produced multiple articles and 13 cover stories for the reputable magazine. He as directed and produced 12 documentaries, published 17 books, co-authored with top scientists like Johan Rockström and Jane Goodall. Over the years, Klum has received numerous awards and grants for his work. Including His Majesty the King of Sweden’s medal of the 8th grade, nominated as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and named Ambassador for IUCN and WWF and named a National Geographic Explorer.  In 2013 Mattias Klum was awarded the Honorary Doctorate degree in Natural Science by Stockholm University Klum lectures and exhibits his work globally.

A professional tool for professionals.

"As a photographer, filmmaker, and artist for organizations like National Geographic and The New York Times, I specialize in endangered species, ecosystems at risk, and ethnic minorities in peril. This job takes me to countries all over the world, and situations are often logistically difficult and challenging. I need to be able to trust my gear; from cameras, tripods, and waterproof cases to storage media and accessories. TESSAN WTA Series adapters are a natural choice for me. Durable and adaptable. A professional tool for professionals." - Mattias Klum

About Mattias Klum About Mattias Klum

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