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India Nepal Travel Plug Adapter With 3 Outlets 2 USB Ports (Type D Plug)

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-> Change India, Nepal and more countries outlets into the US outlets; Click to view all available regions.
-> 2 USB Ports for Charging your USB devices.
-> Mini Size and Lightweight For your worldwide trip.
-> Certified by CE and RoHS.
-> 18 Month Wrranty, 30-DAY refund supported.

FREE Shipping on order over $20.00, Shipped from US, 3~5 Business days for Standard Delivery.

TESSAN US to India Nepal Travel Plug Adapter With 3 Outlets 2 USB Ports

If you are planning on visiting India for a trip to the Taj Mahal, to seek a Ayurveda cure or to simply relax on the beaches of Goa, this travel adapter is the perfect charging companion.

  >Applicable in Bangladesh, India, Kuwait, Maldives, Namibia, Nepal, Pakistan, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Yemen and many more. For details, please check out the following Country List.
  >2 x USB ports easily charges smartphone, tablet or other USB devices.

This adapter is suitable for all devices with the following plug types:

Type A Plug

Used in: North and Central America, Japan

Click to known more about Type A Plug

Type B Plug

Used in: North and Central America, Japan.

Click to known more about Type B Plug

This adapter is compatible with the following socket types:

Type D Plug

Used in: India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Namibia (Click to see the Complete List of countries)

Click to known more about Type D Plug

NOT A Voltage Converter

Note: This adapter doesn't convert voltage. It's compatible for use with dual voltage or worldwide voltage devices with input voltage range from100-240V. If your device doesn't support the destination country's voltage then you may need to use it with an appropriate size voltage converter. Cell phone chargers such as iPad, iPhone, laptop chargers are dual voltage and are compatible with this adapter.

-> Input plugs: Type A/Type B Plug (USA/Japan);

-> Output plugs: India/Nepal (3-Pole);

-> Input voltage: 100 V – 250 V  50/60Hz;

-> Max. load: 10 A;

-> Power rating: e.g. 125 V – 1250 W / 250 V – 2500 W;

-> USB output: 5 V / 2.4 A;

-> Does not convert voltage;

-> Product Dimension: 1.97x 1.97x 3.07 inch;

-> Weight: 3.7 ounces;

Use this check list to ensure this adapter works for your devices and the country you are travelling to.

Type D is supported in following regions:




Dominica Guadeloupe Martinique Saint Kitts and Nevis


French Guiana Guyana    


Bangladesh Bhutan Hong Kong India
Iraq Jordan Lebanon Macau
Maldives Myanmar Nepal Pakistan
Qatar Sri Lanka United Arab Emirates Yemen


Botswana Chad Congo (Democratic Rep. of) Ghana
Libya Madagascar Namibia Niger
Nigeria Senegal Sierra Leone South Africa
Sudan Tanzania Zambia Zimbabwe
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