TESSAN All European UK Travel Plug Adapter Kit with 3 Outlet 3 USB Charger (1 USB C)
TESSAN All European UK Travel Plug Adapter Kit with 3 Outlet 3 USB Charger (1 USB C)
TESSAN All European UK Travel Plug Adapter Kit with 3 Outlet 3 USB Charger (1 USB C)
TESSAN All European UK Travel Plug Adapter Kit with 3 Outlet 3 USB Charger (1 USB C)
TESSAN All European UK Travel Plug Adapter Kit with 3 Outlet 3 USB Charger (1 USB C)
TESSAN All European UK Travel Plug Adapter Kit with 3 Outlet 3 USB Charger (1 USB C)

TESSAN All European UK Travel Plug Adapter Kit with 3 Outlet 3 USB Charger (1 USB C)

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9 reviews
9 reviews
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TESSAN 7 in 1 Input European Adapter

6 in 1 European & UK Travel Adapter

Some countries have multiple plug types, which makes it hard to choose which adapter to take especially with the limited space in your luggage. With Tessan detachable adapter, you can just easily swap the attachments to the country without replacing the whole adapter

Include: 1 User Manual, 1 Adapter+1 type C+1 type E/F+1 type G

  • 3 AC outlets accepts the standard N American 2 or 3 prong flat pin plug. Outlets are separated without blocking
  • 3 USB create possibility for your multi charging demands

About This Item:

  • US to Europe UK Plug Adapter: Our international plug adapter has 3 detachable plugs which can be used in over 150 countries. Type C Plug: Most of Europe, Italy, Spain, Iceland, Portugal, Greece, Norway, Israel; Type G Plug: UK, Ireland, England, Scotland, Dubai, Singapore; Type E/F Plug: South Korea, France, Germany, Sweden; You can use anywhere in Europe and UK without having to worry about the correct plug adapter type
  • 6 in 1 Adapters for Europe: This Italy travel plug adapter provides 3 AC outlets to accept both standard N American 2 or 3 prong flat pin plug, can be used for bulky adapters simultaneously; Dual USB A ports can charge up to 2.4A, and the USB C port can charge up to 3A; Ideal for cell phone, tablet, laptop, earphone, etc
  • Easy to Disassemble and Carry: Travel plugs can be easily removed and installed with 2 steps, just swap & adapt to the correct country type is ok. Removable, portable and lightweight design make this Ireland plug adapter easily fit into your backpack and briefcases
  • Not a Voltage Converter: This plug adapter American to Europe is only compatible for 100V to 250V wide voltage device; If your device works on 110V/125V voltage only, such as hair dryer, straightener, razor etc, you may need a voltage converter for your trip
  • Suitable for Any Occasions: The adapter USA to Europe max capacity up to 3750 Watt, 250 V/15A; TESSAN Euro plug adapter is indispensable for traveler, businessman and students when go abroad; Can works in hotel, bedroom, bathroom and college dorm

Complete European Set

Includes Type C, Type E/F and Type G detachable attachments; It can be easily Swap and Adapt to the travel plug type that you need

Type C Plug

Most of Europe, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Greece, Portugal, Turkey, Croatia, Norway, Israel, Sweden, Thailand, Egypt, Czech, Brazil, indonesia etc

Type E F Plug

France, Germany, South Korea, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Belgium, Russia, Austria, French Polynesia etc

Type G Plug

UK, England, Ireland, Scotland, Dubai, Kenya, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Tanzania, Singapore, Qatar, Malaysia, ST Lucia, Uganda, Ghana, Kuwait etc

Cruise Ship Must Haves

With palm-size and ultra-light weight, this power adapter europe is properly to put in any suitcase and easy to carry out; Take it on your adventures without the hassle of added bulk;

It has NO surge protection, NO cords, making it fully cruise ship approved

NOT A Voltage Converter

TESSAN US to EU plug adapter does NOT COVERT VOLTAGE from 110V to 220V or vice versa

Please make sure your devices to support 100V-250V Dual Voltage. Especially hair dryer, curling iron, straightener, electric razor, etc, It will be listed somewhere on the device or its adapter


  • Product Dimension: 2.37*2.45*1.59 inch (No Plug)
  • Product Weight: 4.07oz
  • Input Voltage: 100V-250V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Power Rating: 3750W (Max 250V, 15A)
  • Max Load: 15A
  • USB Output: 5VDC/3A(Total)

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Starry Zhu
Quality travel adaptor

This adaptor is a bit bulkier than I thought, but the quality looks really good. I also love how many ports there are! Can’t wait to use it during my trip to Hong Kong and Seoul!

Mom of three
Works in so many European countries!

If you ever traveled in Europe you have noticed that when it comes to power outlets there is no “ United” Europe. There are quite a few different outlet and plug designs. That’s where this EU and UK travel adapter comes in. It can be adjusted to each outlet configuration by simply sliding the correct plug into the unit. It’s simple and easy. And on top of the base unit there are your USB ports that let you charge your phone, tablet, laptop etc. The plug in spacing is well designed so you have no trouble with bulky units.
The seller states very clearly that this is NOT a power converter. If you do plug in your US blow dryer or curling iron it will spark briefly and then die. I have done it with another adapter…..Use a Hotel blow dryer.
The current t Price of $20 minus a 10% coupon is in line with the competition.


This electric plug adapter for european and international locations worked fine no issues, used it in France to plug in my Samsung S22 phone. Light weight super portable and 3 types if plugs. This unit makes sure your covered in most places. In addition it has 3 spots to plug things into it and USB spots as well! 5 STARS!!!

Does all my charging needs

Love how it has multiple outlets, regular outlet, 3 prong outlets, USB, etc.

Jason M.
Works great

Worked flawlessly in type C and type E/F outlets while on a trip to Albania. Convenient to have multiple USB and AC outlets to use off one adapter. Brought two along so didn't really try to test a single adapter under heavy loads, but for laptops and other small devices seemed to handle everything fine.