Universal Travel Adapter with 2 USB C and 3 USB Ports (Fast Charging PD 45W)
Universal Travel Adapter with 2 USB C and 3 USB Ports (Fast Charging PD 45W)
Universal Travel Adapter with 2 USB C and 3 USB Ports (Fast Charging PD 45W)
Universal Travel Adapter with 2 USB C and 3 USB Ports (Fast Charging PD 45W)
Universal Travel Adapter with 2 USB C and 3 USB Ports (Fast Charging PD 45W)
Universal Travel Adapter with 2 USB C and 3 USB Ports (Fast Charging PD 45W)
Universal Travel Adapter with 2 USB C and 3 USB Ports (Fast Charging PD 45W)
Universal Travel Adapter with 2 USB C and 3 USB Ports (Fast Charging PD 45W)
Universal Travel Adapter with 2 USB C and 3 USB Ports (Fast Charging PD 45W)

Universal Travel Adapter with 2 USB C and 3 USB Ports (Fast Charging PD 45W)

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About This Item:

  • International Plug Adapter for Travel: This travel adapter worldwide covers over 150 countries: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Iceland, Greece, Israel (Type C ); UK, Ireland, London, England, Scotland, Dubai (Type G); China, Australia, New Zealand (Type I); USA, Japan, Canada (Type A); Ideal for your worldwide travel or business trip
  • Versatile Plug: International travel adapter can plug in 6 different types of plugs to use(Type B, Type C, Type G, Type A, Type E/F, Type I); So you can plug multiple electronics devices from different countries (except India and South Africa) into socket of this universal outlet converter; Idea for use in dorm room, office, hotel, home
  • Multi-ports & Fast Charging: The USB-C1 can be quickly charged to 5V/3A 45W, charge reach to 65% in 30mins when only using the USB C1 port( or will change to 30W), saving time; 3 USB A ports and USB-C2 features 2.4A/12W; Two types USB ports meet different needs, allow you to charge up 5 multiple USB devices at a time; Idea for phone, tablet, etc
  • Portable and Lightweight: With only 6.3oz weight and compact size, this universal power adapter can easily put into your pocket, effectively saving the space of your suitcase, backpack, briefcases and handbag; No surge protection, no cords, cruise ship travel must haves
  • NOTE: It is NOT A Voltage Converter; This travel power adapter is only compatible for 100V to 250V wide voltage devices, check before use especially with hair dryer, straightener, electric toothbrush; This European travel plug adapter has built-in double 10A fuse and safety shutter design to ensure your devices are fully protected

45W PD Fast Charging

The USB-C1 can be quickly charged to 3A/ 45W when using single-port; When in a hurry leaving, use it to charge from 0% up to 65% in 30mins, saving your precious time

Small Size & Lightweight Design

With palm-size and ultra-light weight design, this universal power adapter is properly to put in any bags or luggage and easy to carry out

Universal Adapter with USB C

International plug adapter can widely apply for most travel electronic appliances

2 types of USB ports provides you more charging options. Ideal for cell phone, tablet, laptop, earphone, smart watch, etc

NOT A Voltage Converter

Universal travel adapter with fuse protection does NOT A Voltage Converter from 110V to 220V

Please make sure your devices to support 100V-250V Dual Voltage, especially hair dryer, curling iron, straightener, electric toothbrush, electric razor, etc

Type C - European Plug Adapter

Compatible with: EU, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, Denmark, Korea, Turkey, etc

Type G - UK Ireland Adapter

Compatible with: England, Scotland, Ireland, British, Hong Kong, Irish, Jordan, Kenya, Macau, Malaysia, Pakistan, Qatar, Singapore, Tanzania, etc

Type A - Japan Plug Adapter

Compatible with: Argentina, Australia, China, Fiji, New Zealand, Cook Islands, Kiribati, Samoa, Tajikistan, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Uruguay, etc

Type I - Australia Adapter

Compatible with: USA, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Samoa, Brazil, Canada, Jamaica, Japan, Liberia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Okinawa, Peru, etc


  • Max. Power: 1000W at 100Vac / 2500W at 250Vac
  • Input: 100-250Vac 50/60Hz
  • USB Total Output: 5V 5.6A Max
  • Single USB-A port: 5V 2.4A Max
  • Single USB-C port: 5V 3.0A Max
  • Fuse Rating: 10A Max

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Fast charge

The 45W PD USB charges very quickly and allows you to charge several devices at the same time. It feels solid and durable. The USB ports are numbered and there's a label to tell you the max current delivered for each USB. One very useful feature is that it allows you to share an outlet with others when you are in the airport with few outlets and lots of people needing to recharge their devices. I enjoy being able to share the outlet with strangers. It's a friendly and neighborly thing to do.

Steve K.
Very versatile travel adapter that also is a fast charger for your phone

This is a solidly built travel adapter that can be used in the U.S., U.K, Europe and AUS. Although I live in the U.S., I now use this as my travel adapter even in the States since it is a fast charger with plenty of USB A&C ports. There are slides to move the appropriate prongs out: US/AUS, EU and UK. The prongs for the US/AUS can be twisted to position them accordingly. You can plug one device into the adapter, but we are at the point where we primarily use USB ports to charge phones, battery packs, etc.

Delivery was fast and without issue.

David Kline
Didn’t fit in some of the deeper outlets

Worked great but a couple of the hotels had deeper round outlets would not fit.

5 USB ports. If you need more, buy 2.

I have had a couple of ways of having USB ports available for travelling. Having an adapter for foreign plugs (and even US plugs) to US receptacles and that also has USB ports is great, and the more USB ports, the better.

This adapter has 5 USB ports, 3 USB-A and 2 USB-C. One of the USB-C ports is capable of QC/PD charging up to 20V/45W as long as this is the only port used. In combined mode, this port puts out a little less power, but it is still capable of 30W. The other ports are limited to 12W max each, but this is more than adequate to charge most anything I have, even if a full charge takes marginally more time. Total DC output is 45W combined, but this has proven to be more than good enough for my equipment. I have a 65W PD charger for my computer that works just fine in the US receptacle of the adapter (on 120 or 240VAC), so I effectively have 6 ports for charging stuff.

There are three slides on the adapter for choosing the input plug type (US and Australia use the same prongs, but for Australia the prongs twist to conform to the receptacle). Operation of the slides and their positive locking in either the extended or retracted position is excellent.

Because not every place of lodging these days has “enough” USB ports available (if they have any at all), this device is even a good choice for travelling in the US. If you need more than 5 USB ports, taking a couple of these along should do the trick. Having two also allows the charged devices to be separated, which might be a good thing.

The size of the adapter is certainly smaller than 5 separate USB chargers. It is very packable in that regard.

The adapter comes with a fuse, which I hope I would never be required to replace. I would never plug anything into this device which would require anything close to the rated capacity of the adapter of 2500W. Anything I would plug in with a US plug would be dual input voltage (120/240) capable, and maybe 120W max power (chargers). I would not use this device for hair dryers and such. Too risky, IMHO.

The adapter has a small blue LED to indicate USB power is available. It is a really small LED, but it is amazingly bright in the dark. Luckily the light is directed parallel to the wall the device is plugged into. Just something to be aware of.

It heats up slightly but works great!

It is fantastic to travel around the EU and it is also great when our guests come here to US and can use it :). It is literally must have. Everything works well, fast charging cables seems to still fast charge. It gets a little warm after awhile especially when there is a few things plugged in at the same time but nothing major.