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TESSAN Power Strip Surge Protector with 9 AC Outlets and 3 USB Ports

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  • Multiple Security Protection: The surge protector with a 1050-joule energy rating can provide basic protection for your electronics from power surge attacks that might be caused by the unstable power supply, lighting, and storm; This USB power strip also built-in circuit breaker that will trip off automatically to protect your devices while the power overloads, keep your expensive computers, TV safe from circuit overload
  • 12 in 1 Desktop Charging Station: The plug strip has 9 AC outlets and 3 USB ports; Its 15A heavy-duty 6.5 ft extension cord rated 1875W, so these AC outlets can handle more appliances; The USB port provides a 5V/2.4A max charging current in one port at a time and total 3A/15W output
  • 3 Sides Design Outlet Strip: The cube power strip has a 3-side design that makes it easier to make the plugs next to each other without covering any outlet; The compact design saves more space, suitable for the home, office, and college dorm room
  • Right Angle Flat Plug Strip: The space-saving design of the flat plug extension cord allows its power-head to fit easily in tight spaces, such as desk, nightstand; 45 Degree right-angle create enough room makes it does not obstruct other plugs, suitable for installing behind sofa, wardrobe, bookshelves, and other furniture
  • Wall Mountable Power Strip: The two mounting holes allow this strip to be securely installed in various applications, such as workbenches, under counters, and more. It also has a rubber foot, so it can be a desktop power strip or nightstand USB charging station without slipping off
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Compact Space-Saving Power Strip Cube

Compact Space-Saving Power Strip Cube

3 Side Design

Not enough place for a power strip? TESSAN 3 side design compact power strip allows you to make reasonable use of the socket outlet. It makes up little space on your desk or floor than others, makes your desktop organized, suitable for home and office

Widely Spaced Outlets

Separated enough for oversized plugs without blocking each other and suitable for your device with bulky plugs; It almost meets all your power needs, which it has 9 ac outlets and 3 USB ports.

  • Rated Voltage: 100-250 V
  • Rated Current: 15 A
  • Maximum Power: 1875W
  • Surge Protector Rating: 1050 joules
  • Current Frequency: 50/ 60 Hz
  • USB Rated Voltage: 5 V
  • USB Rated Current: Total Max 3A(2.4A MAX Per Port)
  • Length of Cable: 6.5FT/1.98M
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